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Great War Miniatures

United Kingdom

German Soldier, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27½M.
Mixes best with: Still working on that, although I suspect that they will match most of the others pretty well.
Long Review: The first impression, which is usually the one that counts, was definitely favourable. The figures are neatly sculpted, and are all carrying full packs. Each is in a different pose, and the poses are very anatomically correct- by which I mean that they are balanced as a real person would be.
The clothing, equipment and helmets also look correct, based on examinations of my resources. Probably one of the few gripes I'd list is that the lugs on the helmet may be a little too delicate. Even the rifles scale out correctly for the WW1 version of the venerable Mauser.
Commentary: Very nice indeed- if I wasn't more of a 1930's collector, I'd probably buy the entire range. However, as I also collect some armies that were equipped with WW1 equipment, I may end up buying these to fill the gaps.
Historical Accuracy: Five Good.
Pose Quality: Five Good.
Sculpting: Five Average.
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: I sent off a request for samples, and received pack G3 Infantry in Assault Packs 3, containing six figures in various poses.
Sculptors: Dave Andrews and Ali Morrison.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

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