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Chiltern Miniatures

United Kingdom

Ruined Russian Farmhouse, undercoated

Cost: £30.00.
Stated Scale: Generic.
Mixes best with: Generic.
Long Review: The item I have, BD28 RF2- Ruined Fortified Eastern Front Russian Farmhouse, is cast in a cream-coloured hard, heavy resin. The model consists of the building, a floor for inside, the attic floor and roof (parts of this are cast in white metal), and six sandbag or furniture barriers.
The model is roomy enough to take just about any figures, even the slightly larger VFM ones, and offers cover in a variety of positions. The loose sandbagged bits can be placed anywhere, so it is truly "customisable" for every game.
Commentary: Neatly cast, useful terrain pieces.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Four
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Five Very Good.
Sources: Purchased from a friend.
Sculptors: Snapdragon Studios?
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Assorted additional images of the terrain

Ruined Russian Farmhouse, as delivered

Ruined Russian Farmhouse, as deliveredRuined Russian Farmhouse, as delivered

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