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Black Cat Bases

United Kingdom

Resin Fuel/Water Drums, as delivered
As Delivered

Stated Scale: 25mm.
Mixes best with: Generic.
Long Review: From a very small start, Black Cat bases is making progress in leaps and bounds. The nice thing is that they listen to what customers want, and add these items to their ranges. These resin metal barrels or drums are very neatly done, and will work for any period from 1910 onwards. As there are no real standard sizes (well, not in the first half of the 20th century) for fuel/water drums, these are perfect and can be used for barricades, or as cargo for wagons or other vehicles, or as scenery.
The pack contains four identical barrels, which are easily big enough to hold a standard 25mm figure if that were a desired hiding place (well, OK, a figure won't actually physically fit in, but can be assumed to be hiding if the player were to tell the DM- the barrel is big enough to hold a standard human-sized occupant.
The dented and damaged finish is very well done, and the overall look is spot-on, especially considering how dinged real barrels end up being. The only real downside are some visible bubbles in the finish, but this can always be attributed to battle damage. These barrels will definitely fill a gap in the much-needed stowage department, and I plan to get some more as soon as my budget allows, as the size is good enough to make them useful as both terrain and for diorama work.
Commentary: Nicely detailed and cast resin accessories.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Four 25mm/28mm.
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Donated for review purposes.
Sculptors: Ribena (Black Cat Bases resident sculptor).
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