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Touching History

United Kingdom

English Civil War terrain book
As Delivered

Long Review: Paul's third book is more of a gallery of eyecandy and games than a tutorial booklet like the first two. BUT, and this is a big "but", that does not detract from the value of the book. If anything, it actually adds to the value, as it show the terrain in use, rather than just the clinical shots of a terrain-making book, which is how most wargamers would see the end-products.
this book is split into two rather different periods- The Sudan in the 1880's and NW Europe in 1944-45. In each section there is a selection of pictures showing a table for that period, along with numerous pictures and a text description of a game played on that terrain. The section also then contains several pictures and a description of how to make specific terrain features that are associated with that layout.
Paul certainly has outdone himself in terms of presentation- the views of the terrain and figures go a long way towards making this something we can all aspire to, and with the help of the tutorial books he has already (and will hopefully continue to) produced, actually achieve.
The "useful" part of the book is that Paul has shown some items that he uses when making terrain which most of us would not even think of using when making items for use on the table. The moral of this story- keep your eyes open and think laterally to make a great-looking table full of unique terrain.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Donated by Paul at Salute.
Author: Paul Darnell.
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