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Renegade Miniatures

United Kingdom

ACW foot
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27½M.
Mixes best with: As I have not really had the opportunity to examine many ACW figures, I can't comment on this yet. I can; however, say that they do look quite OK next to Redoubt figures...
Long Review: Renegade is making some inroads into the ACW market, which appears to be a growing area of interest again. The figures are packed by uniform type rather than by North or South, as both sides' uniforms were similar enough that a paint-conversion is all that is neccessary.
The two figures of the range I have are both wearing kepis (THE iconic image of the ACW), and both have muskets. The standing figure has light equipment, and even has a cup attached to his gear! He has thick socks over his trousers, and would happily work as a guard. The second figure has a similar mix of equipment, and has a blanket tied over his shoulder.
The figures are of the usual Renegade standard- minimal flash and mould-lines, neatly animated and with very expressive faces.
Commentary: Considering that I'm not really an ACW collector, these might actually tempt me into getting some figures for the period.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Good. Very neatly sculpted figures.
Casting: Four Average. There is a minimal amount of cleaning, but not excessively so.
Sources: Review sample sent by Eliot at Renegade Miniatures, as well as some purchased.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

ACW group, as delivered

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