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Parkfield Miniatures

United Kingdom

Glorious Revolution foot
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 24½L/M
Mixes best with: Probably most of the older ranges that cover this period.
Long Review: Yet another period that my info is very shaky on. I will judge these figures purely on their sculpting and what I have been able to glean on the period in a (very) short browse on the web and a few dimly-recalled memories in assorted wargames magazines.
I think I'd be happy to own more of these figures. While it's not realy a period I know much about, I will admit that the figures look good enough for me to be interested in finding out more. The sculpting is tidy, with no major areas that look odd. The mould seams are tolerable, and the poses look fine. There is nothing that jumps out as wrong, and the collection that Parkfield offers is big enough that one can get everything from the various ranges. Based on the samples, I think that these figures will provide a good, fast and economic army of the period.
Commentary: Good figures which should paint up very easily.
Historical Accuracy: Four These figures donated by Simon Lee.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Average. This set is showing their age in terms of the sculpting style.
Casting: Four Average. Ther is a little mould slippage and some cleaning, but not excessively so.
Sources: These figures donated by Simon Lee.
Sculptors: Simon Lee.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Glorious Revolution horse and rider, as delivered

Glorious Revolution two infantrymen, as delivered

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