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Touching History

United Kingdom

English Civil War terrain book
As Delivered

Long Review: The second book in the Touching History publications list focusses on the English Civil War. Of course, this does not mean it is restricted to gamers preferring that period- the structures described and detailled within can be used in any period after the ECW (the houses, for example, will work right up to today, as many houses in England are now listed as monuments and may not have the exterior altered, and the building style on the continent is also fairly similar in certain areas) as well as fantasy. The terrain, of course, is suitable for anywhere in Europe, and the methods can be adapted for anywhere else.
This book is, as was the first one, a very useful addition to any wargamer's library, especially if that gamer makes his own terrain. It is a suitable continuation of the series, and is made in the same style as the first one, although it does appear somewhat more slick (I guess Paul has picked up some ideas from the first one) and the content also looks more suitable for a terrain builder.
The style of writing, and the manner of construction described, is very reminiscent of the old Ian Weekley articles in Wargames Illustrated when he still submitted articles. This is a follow-on from Book 1, and the conversational style is, in my opinion, much better than the rather dry style some other publications have.
The instructions are still neat and clear, with great "before", "during" and "after" photos, and even someone as ham-fisted as I can learn from them. The illustrations chosen to go with each article are also well-chosen, displaying the items from several angles.
I wholeheartedly recommend this publication for terrainbuilders for all periods from about AD1600 onwards, but especially for the English Civil War (as this is the main focus, after all).
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Author: Paul Darnell.
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