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Warhammer Historical

United Kingdom

Warhammer English Civil War
As Delivered

Long Review: Warhammer English Civil War is a development of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules and covers the English Civil War. There is a comprehensive campaign system, including a map of 17th Century Britain. There are also sections on painting and collecting your Civil War Army, and army lists for Covenanters, Montrose, Parliamentarians and Royalists. It is illustrated with artwork and photographs, including live action shots of a reenactment society.

Period:       Later Renaissance about 1600AD-1700AD.
Scale:        28mm, but can be used for 15mm with modifications.
Basing:      Single figures.
Contents:   Perfect-bound A4 book.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: John Stallard.
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