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The Assault Group

United Kingdom

US Marine, as delivered
As Delivered

"Barrett Scale": 29M.
Mixes best with: These should mix with most of the ranges out there. TAG tend to produce figures in ranges no-one else does, so mixing within an army isn't a problem...
Long Review: Considering that I'm not into this period, I can only say "Wow!". These figures have been very neatly sculpted, with a nice eye for anatomy, and would, I think fall just slightly below the Perries in terms of style. The way the folds and creases are done look like they will reward painting with a really nice end result. Since my knowledge of the correct gear and appearance is very general, I can only comment that they "look right" to me. I have two packs of figures- one a pack of foot command (who seem to be a mix of Ottoman and Polish/Haiduks) with an Orthodox priest thrown in, and a cavalry command pack.
The foot figures look suitably "eastern". The one musician is clearly a Haiduk, and the Russian Orthodox priest is also easily identifiable. The other two appear to be Ottoman Turks. They are well detailed, and very cleanly sculpted and cast. They convey the right "feel" of pomp and splendour of the period. The two eastern Europeans are clearly identifiable as such, and even the Turks look splendid.
The cavalry command pack is the Polish General Janusz "The Black" Radziwill, Grand Hetman of Lithuania (armed with a mace), his standard-bearer and a foot subordinate gesturing to his right. The two horses supplied look quite nice, although I did find the rear legs of the general's horse angled a little oddly. The standard bearer's horse is fairly plain, with merely a tassel under it's chin. The general's horse, however, has a nice fur-blanket and a bunch of feathers on the head.
There was no flash, and very fine (almost non-existent) mould lines or casting vents. the samples are almost enough to tempt me into a new period...
Commentary: Very nice figures. They also come in the standard TAG deals, which result in some pretty good prices for an army.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Five Very good.
Casting: Five Very good.
Sources: The samples were sent after Pete at TAG noticed that I haven't got any of their Renaissance ranges listed here.
Sculptors: Poles - Nick Collier?
Turks - .
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