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Breached City Wall, as delivered
Breached City Wall, As Delivered

City Wall, as delivered
Breached City Wall, As Delivered

Cost: $29.95 to $49.95 (steps unknown).
Stated Scale: 25mm.
Mixes best with: Generic.
Long Review: I was fortunate to buy these at a massive discount. As I purchased them as part of a stock-clearance, my choice was rather limited (I'd have liked another piece of straight wall, and possibly some of the other bits such as a tower or two), but this is the start of a pretty impressive city wall, suitable for almost any period from about 800AD onwards, although it could even work for a Roman wall. The sections I have (two straight pieces in a box, an inside curve and an outside curve, a breached section and a pair of steps) are all cast in a hard, resiny substance.
The parts all fit together very well (there is a small gap when they are placed next to each other). The modular nature of the parts means that the parts can be arranged as required (the breached section is the same length as the unbroken ones, so you could replace the section as required during a game). The overall finish is very high-quality, with no excess material anywhere, and a neatly-ground down bottom surface. The entire surface (i.e. including the bottom) has been painted- brown for the "invisible" surfaces, and a sandy stone-coloured finish for the rest, with the odd stone being picked out in a different colour. The paint-job is actually probably better than what I can achieve, so I'm extremely happy with the pieces.
Commentary: Neat, useful terrain pieces, designed specifically for wargames use.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Four
Sculpting and Painting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Five Very Good.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the terrain

Inside Curve, as delivered
Inside Curve, As Delivered

Outside Curve, as delivered
Outside Curve, As Delivered

Steps, as delivered
Steps, As Delivered

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