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Essex Miniatures

United Kingdom

T'ang Spearman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26M
Mixes best with: Hard to say as I don't have too many other Asian figures of this period to compare to as yet.
Long Review: Nice figures, which are an exact scale-up of their 15mm equivalents. The figures are well-detailed, and crisply sculpted, and, even considering their age, still more than acceptable.
The infantry is well-detailed, as are the horses. The only downside is that there is limited variety: if there is a code, there is only one variant. Apparently there are a few variants in some of the other ranges, but not in the Asian series.
Commentary: Still nice figures, even taking their age into account. They match up fairly well with the crop of new (modern) sculpts. I'd still put Essex in my top five or so manufacturers for the period.
Historical Accuracy: Three Considering the out-dated references used, not bad. but they were based on flawed research.
Pose Quality: Four Fairly static, easy to cast poses. Nothing stands out particularly.
Sculpting: Four Average.
Casting: Four Not bad. Even considering the age of the moulds, there is minimal slippage and bad casting.
Sources: Purchased samples a while ago in order to build an Asian army.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Khitan Liao/T'Ang riders, as delivered

Khitan Liao/T'Ang horses, as delivered

T'Ang horse, as delivered T'ang General, as delivered

Khitan Liao/T'Ang infantry group, as delivered

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