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Old Glory Miniatures

United Kingdom

Moorish Swordsman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26L.
Mixes best with: Perry Miniatures.
Long Review: Old Glory has an absolutely huge variety of figures, many of which are suitable for a number of armies of this period. I personally have a large army of their Normans, supplemented with many of the Arabs and some of the Revolting peasants.
The figures come in pre-packed bags of 30 foot, usually an assortment of figures whiich are several variations on three, four or five basic bodies. The cavalry has correspondingly less basic bodies and variants, but the horses tend to come in four or so basic shapes. The figures appear at first glance to be poorly made, but, in this case, anyway, appearances are deceptive. There is more flash and sprue than we are accustomed to in general, but it cleans off very easily, and the cleaned figures have some serious detail on them, much of which only appears once you start to paint them. The figures DO look rougher than most of the current crop, but this is not a drawback in my eyes. The one down-side is that they are somewhat smaller than the newer ranges, so matching figures may be a problem if you are very particular.
Commentary: While the figures have their odd quirks, all in all they are actually good value for money. Each pack contains variants, so there will usually not be any (or at least not many) duplicates within a pack. I personally feel that they have an undeserved reputation for fickle quality. I will, however, admit that their horses are just a little too thin, and the riders have a distinct bow-legged posture. Some gentle pressure does alleviate the worst of it, though.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average. Most of the standard types are represented, although the figures are much more generic than most specific ranges.
Pose Quality: Four Average. The poses are fairly standard, with each pose having a few minor variants. There are a few unbalanced poses, though, and some that simply don't work well at all.
Sculpting: Four Average. Very rough, but loads of sculpted-on detail that only starts showing while painting.
Casting: Four Average. There is some minor mould slippage.
Sources: Purchased for own collection.
Sculptor: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Moorish Cavalrymen, as delivered

Moorish Horses, as delivered

Moorish Horse, as delivered Moorish Rider, as delivered

Moorish Infantrymen, as delivered

Moorish Infantrymen, as delivered

Moorish Infantrymen, as delivered

Moorish Infantrymen, as delivered

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