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Musketeer Miniatures

United Kingdom

Moorish Archer, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 28M.
Mixes best with: Gripping Beast and Artizan.
Long Review: Shortly after I set up this site, Bill mentioned that he'd be sending several of the figures from this range over. They arrived this morning, and they really lived up to the expectation I had. Bill has managed to capture that flowing look of the Arab clothing very well, and the general style and proportions of the figures are spot-on. In terms of size and build, they will easily fit in with Artizan and Gripping Beast (probably the two biggest competitors for this era), and Bill's figures add a lot more variety to such an irregular army.
The figures are very neatly sculpted, and show no flash to speak of. There is also a good eye for proportions, and nice poses make the figures a pleasure to look at.
As I only have one horse so far, I can't make much comment about these, but the one I have certainly looks more horsey than most of my other horses.
Commentary: Stunning figures for a first offering.
Historical Accuracy: Five Good. Most of the standard types are represented, and the equipment and accoutrements appear correct.
Pose Quality: Four Average. The poses are fairly standard, with each pose having a few minor variants. This is where I will say that there are a few unbalanced poses, though.
Sculpting: Five Good. Very neat and clean, with loads of sculpted-on detail.
Casting: Four Average. There is some minor mould slippage.
Sources: Samples donated by Bill of Musketeer Miniatures.
Sculptor: Bill Thornhill.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Moorish Cavalryman, as delivered

Moorish infantrymen, as delivered

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