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Artizan Designs

United Kingdom

Romano-British Tribesman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27½M.
Mixes best with: Gripping Beast, Musketeer Miniatures.
Long Review: The samples I have of this range were purchased from another wargamer to expand my own collection of opponents for my Normans/Spanish/1st Crusaders. They are cleanly cast, with minimal flash and sprues, and the mould lines are also minimal. The figures have loads of character, and are very well sculpted- the sheer amount of detail is incredible.
Commentary: The figures are very nice indeed- stunning is maybe closer to the truth.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average. Most of the standard types are represented.
Pose Quality: Four Average. The poses are fairly standard, with each pose having a few minor variants. This is where I will say that there are a few unbalanced poses, though.
Sculpting: Five Good. Very neat and clean, with loads of sculpted-on detail.
Casting: Five Good. There is minimal mould slippage or excess metal.
Sources: Purchased (untouched) from another gamer to expand my collection.
Sculptor: Mike Owen
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Moorish spearmen, as delivered

Moorish swordsmen, as delivered

Moorish archers, as delivered

Moor horse, as delivered Moor rider, as delivered

Moor horses, as delivered

Moor riders, as delivered

Moor riders, as delivered

Moor shields, as delivered

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