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Outpost Wargame Services

United Kingdom

Romano-British Tribesman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 28½L.
Mixes best with: Still working on this period.
Long Review: A nice range of figures specifically for the post-Roman "Arthurian" period. They will be useful for any of the post-Roman armies and warlords' armies, with a definite flavour of the British Isles to some of them.

GT1, GT2 and GT3 are Germanic tribesmen, suitable for Saxons and Angles or many other "barbaric" tribesmen. These three packs provide slingers, archers and the bulk of the unarmoured shieldwalls. GTG1 contains a noble (maybe the king?) on foot, an armoured standard bearer with an ox-head standard. These figures can be visually seen to be barbaric, with a much rougher look to them than the RB codes. The warriors have seperate shields, spears and swords (and also a fair number of hand-axes). The archers are in assorted poses, some with quivers, others without. None of these figures (other than GTG1) have helmets, most being bare-headed. One or two feature caps.

The cavalry and mounted command can (on request) be supplied on walking, cantering or galloping horses. In unit packs, a mix is standard (unless you request others).
Commentary: Not a bad range at all. The sculpting style is very neat and clean, and the sculptor shows a lot of promise for 28mm (he is apparently more a 15mm man).
Historical Accuracy: Four Average. Almost all the standard types are represented.
Pose Quality: Four Average. The poses are fairly standard, with each figure having a few minor variants (head swaps, mainly).
Sculpting: Four Average. A little rough in spots, but still within reasonable limits.
Casting: Five Good. There is minimal mould slippage or excess metal.
Sources: Purchased at minimal cost as review samples.
Sculptor: Unknown
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Germanic Tribes infantry, as delivered

Germanic Tribes infantry, as delivered

Germanic Tribes infantry, as delivered

Germanic Tribes command pack, as delivered

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