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Chiltern Miniatures

United Kingdom

Late Imperial Roman infantryman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27M.
Mixes best with: In terms of style and quality, the best matches would probably be Irregular and Old Glory.
Long Review: I got a number of these figures as samples when they were still owned by Whitecross figures. The samples are a pretty representative sampling of the Goth and Late Roman ranges (these were the first two series made). I found them easy to work with, and easy to paint. The detail is well represented, yet not overdone.
Commentary: Not a bad range at all. There are one or two slightly more squat individuals in there, but they make a good starter army at a reasonable price.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average. Almost all the standard types are represented.
Pose Quality: Four Average. The poses are fairly standard, with each figure having a few minor variants (head swaps, mainly).
Sculpting: Four Average. A little rough in spots, but still within reasonable limits.
Casting: Four Average. There are a few cases of mis-aligned moulds, but due to the metal used they are pretty easy to fix up.
Sources: Samples bought for own collection when the range was still owned by Whitecross Miniatures.
Sculptors: Unknown
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Late Imperial Roman infantry, as delivered

Late Imperial Roman infantry, as delivered

Late Imperial Roman horse, as delivered Late Imperial Roman rider, as delivered

Late Imperial Roman horses, as delivered

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