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Image Comparison
Early Dark Ages Figure Ranges

The table below allows you to choose which figures you want to see. Simply click on the abbreviation for the company you want to see in the text above or below each box below. A scan of the requested company's figure will be shown, with each box being able to hold a different one, allowing you to see three next to each other, and a total of six different ones in total. As all figures are scanned to the same specs and resolution, they will show you exactly what you are buying...
I haven't cleaned or done any work on these figures yet, and I have chosen the figures in order to get the most similar positions from the samples I have available.

I did rotate the pictures a little, to ensure a straight and level appearance, but I've done nothing else to them.

Once you have chosen which manufacturer you like, simply click on that picture in order to go to a page showing a more detailed review of that company's products, along with links to more reviews and the company's own website.

  1. Chi - Chiltern Miniatures
  2. OWS - Outpost Wargame Services
Chi    OWS   Chi    OWS   Chi    OWS  
Chi    OWS   Chi    OWS   Chi    OWS  

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