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Penchour's Re-Painted Pre-Painted AT-43 Figures

I have reproduced Penchour's e-mail and pictures here- no alteration was made except to re-size the pictures to make the download time faster, and his text was also unaltered

Are you still interessed in bringing pix of AT43 repainted stuff online ? I just let you have a look at the pictures I have here : I've repainted 2 TacArms and 1 fire toad in order to fit a weird war campaign, endorsing US heavy airborne troops and walker. The paintjob is fine (not incredible, but ok) and the TacArms received a coat of varnish (whicha explain that shinny effect). I also went rid of the 2d gun (useless to me). I've done a picture of prepainted vs repainted to fix the differences. I also joined pix to compare size with a 28mm Artizan Fallschirmjager and a 1/48 Northstar german battle armour. If you need anything else, let me know.

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